Not Perfect Just Forgiven

People often ask each other what their favorite holiday is. Without hesitation I answer Easter! For me Easter in the Carolinas was heaven on earth! Pink and white flowers blooming on the Dogwood trees. Yellow daffodils and lilys adding color and sweet smells to everything around me!  I would check the yard daily once winter was over for the tiny green leaves of the daffodils peaking through the ground and if I saw the littlest sign of green I knew Spring was finally here and Easter was coming!

Easter was the only holiday we got a new outfit and oh how I Ionged for that pretty dress, white shoes, lacey socks, Easter hat and those white silky gloves. I couldn't wait for church to show off my fancy dress and run in the grass looking for plastic eggs filled with candy to eat being extra careful not to get anything on me! It was the excitement knowing after church on Easter Sunday I would be the first one jumping out of the car running up the garage at my Aunt Liz and Uncle Gene's to watch my uncle patiently churn homemade ice cream!  It was Granny Buckley's broccoli casserole and a big bowl of banana pudding with extra whip cream please! 

As an adult Easter is still my favorite holiday. I still look forward to Easter for many of the same reasons. I dress my littles in matching pastels, hats, ruffles and lace. I make the same Southern food for my family that as a child I looked forward to every year. And yes I still check the ground daily looking for early signs of Spring! 

But as the years have passed I have grown to understand the true meaning of this time of year. Why I love and cling to this holiday unlike the others is different now.  It's more than the pretty dresses, white gloves and homemade ice cream. Now I hold close to my heart, WHY we celebrate this day and the days leading up to Easter Sunday. It's His unfailing love for each of us and the power of Forgiveness. It's knowing that even though I have stumbled and have fallen more times than I care to say. That even now when I try and fail again- He picks me up with His Grace and Love. It's knowing that even though I am Not Perfect I am FORGIVEN. There is a peace in knowing this! 

 Tomorrow as we celebrate Easter Sunday with our family and friends... let us not forget to take it all in!






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